Diacetone alcohol
Triethyl phosphite
Mesityl oxide

          Jiangsu Suyuanhuipu Chemicals Co.,Ltd. the company formerly known as Jiangsu Suzhou Jingcheng Chemical Co., Ltd. was founded in 1997, is located in the Mudu town in Suzhou city; Jiangsu Suyuanhuipu Chemicals Co.,Ltd. moved its production base into Aoyang industrial park in Funing County, Yancheng city in Jiangsu province, and founded Suzhou Suyuanhuipu Chemicals Co., Ltd in 2005. At present, Suzhou Suyuanhuipu Chemicals Co., Ltd. annually produces 15, 000 tons of Diacetone alcohol, 30,000 tons of Mesityl oxide, 4,500 tons of Triethyl phosphate. The quality ranks leading position of this trade of China. Now, we yearly sell more than CNY 300 million of products, and these products are widely used pharmaceutical industry, pesticide, dye, coating and perfumer industry, etc.
          According to our long-term development plan, we are going to develop hi-tech and value-added pharmaceutical intermediates, pesticide intermediates, and biochemical products and medium-high-end solvents in next years. To achieve this target, we cooperate with several universities and institute, strive to invite talents into our company, invest more in technical innovations, keep developing new producing method and build environment-protecting and safe facilities. Moreover, we establish close cooperation relationships with large-scale groups for joining our strength together and complementing each other's advantages. In next 5 years, our business will experience great development for the second time, and we will become a multinational enterprise group integrating industrial production, study and science research.
          "Jingcheng" as our registered trademark means "keep improvement, treat other with sincere heart", and we take "Absolute sincerity will move a heart of stone" as our idea. We hope we can cooperate with friends all over the world for creating a bright future together. Therefore, we sincerely welcome your visit, business and cooperation. Let's work together for mutual development and benefits. Suzhou Suyuanhuipu Chemicals Co., Ltd. works hard for clients'satisfactions!





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